City of Poets album is now released

Jason Palmer (trumpet, compositions), Cédric Hanriot (piano, compositions), Donny McCaslin (tenor sax), Michael Janisch (basses), Clarence Penn (drums)

20 May 2016: release day : City of Poets – Hyperion album

The very essence of American trumpeter Jason Palmer and French pianist/composer Cédric Hanriot’s improvisational concept City Of Poets – centered around Olivier Messiaen’s 7 Modes of Limited Transportation and US author Dan Simmons’ acclaimed, four-novel science fiction series Hyperion Cantos – is sufficiently intriguing to prompt further exploration of its background and, indeed, the artistic collaboration and musical output it has inspired.

On the road with Grégoire Maret

I am thrilled to be part of harmonicist Grégoire Maret‘s band for a tour this Summer and this Fall.

The band will consist of Grégoire Maret (harmonica), Robert kubiszyn (bass), John Davis or Arthur Hnatek (drums), Zara McFarlan (voice).

Hope to see you at one of the concerts !

Jazz à Vienne Academy

Really happy to be part of the Jazz à Vienne Academy this year along with Alex Terrier (saxophone) and Donald Kontomanou (drums). We will be working with music students for a week.

Agulhon/Hanriot DuO

Franck Agulhon (drums, percussions, compositions), Cédric Hanriot (piano, laptop, bass synth, compositions)

In January we went to the studio and recorded our first album as a duo which combines groove, jazz and some electronic flavours. The mixing will be done this summer and the album should be out by the end of this year. Really excited to share it with you !!