World music-Jazz – Live music and Video Projection – String trio and Jazz trio – France

Cédric Hanriot: Piano, Keyboard, Laptop, Vocoder, Melodica
Bertrand Beruard: Basses, Fxs
Elie Martin-Charrière: Drums, Electronic Triggers
Anne Amandine Corgiat: Violin
Lucie Pierrard: Viola
Elsa Guiet: Cello

Original artwork, animations: Kader HAMZA
Directed by Maxime MOTTE

The POLAROÏD SONGS concept is a musical world tour featuring live scenes from numerous tours by two composers Bertrand Beruard and Cédric Hanriot.
The project aims to propose the personal vision of an ideal world, through values such as parity, the use of digital tools at the service of the human, the richness of the diversity of influences.

The concept was gradually expanded by the incorporation of a string trio (Anne-Amandine Corgiat, Lucie Perriard and Elsa Guiet). The visual dimension comes to life with the entry into the team of director Maxime Motte then illustrator / graphic designer Kader Hamza, with whom Bertrand had already collaborated as a dancer (Festival Promenades, Montpellier).

Polaroïd Songs offers a vision of the world recomposed through the prism of the subjectivity of the two composers. This appropriation is done in the manner of Béla Bartók’s imaginary folklore, that is to say by the assimilation of local folk material (melodies, rhythm, textures) but also local languages, dialects and moods, in order to create an original music and not a “pastiche” of local music.

These musical pieces will broadcast snapshots toured by the two composers in different parts of the world in the form of sound photographs, the “POLAROID SONGS”: a rehearsal in the heart of the sacred temples of Indonesia, an encounter with Gnawa musicians in Morocco, an improvised mariachi concert on a parking lot in Mexico City …

This first reading, intended for everyone and particularly adapted to young audiences, offers the viewer a dreamlike journey in time and space.

The world is also the other: the stranger, the stranger in us, the alter-ego, a part of us, the part of us that we miss, the other part, all, the one that we form together, “the” others, the divinities etc … What also seeks to be developed here is the exploration of the phenomenon of otherness. It is a strong axis, which tends to give a unity to all the paintings, despite the graphic diversity of drawings and musical influences.

The idea being that at the end of the show, we understand that to take a different look at the other is above all to take a critical look at yourself. This second reading is more abstract but can affect, consciously or not, all the spectators.

The project aims to propose the personal vision of an ideal world, through values such as parity, the use of digital tools at the service of the human, the richness of the diversity of influences, which are omnipresent in the artistic intention of Polaroïd Songs as much as in its fundamental concept and extra-musical construction.

“Break walls! Is ultimately the main message. To demolish prejudices, which the fear linked to ignorance / ignorance finally gives birth to … this fear that prevents us from “daring”.

Franck Agulhon/Cédric Hanriot DuO (2017-)

Franck Agulhon (drums & compositions)
Cédric Hanriot (piano, laptop, keyboards & compositions)

“We have well understood: beyond the accomplished performance of two longterm musical friends, the duo is above all, an invitation to travel, an urgent journey of discovery!”
Denis Desassis, Citizen Jazz

A jazz duo pulsing with electro groove … SHOCK !

A time, a moment, a piece

Since their first collaboration on the album frogNstein in 2006, pianist Cédric Hanriot and drummer Franck Agulhon always imagined putting together a project in which they could explore new musical territories in tandem. This has now been made a reality, as they recently recorded their first duo album together in January 2016. DAY musically traces a journey through a typical working day. From each phase to the next, morning alarm to bedtime, traffic jam during the lunch break, each piece depicts an everyday moment. The soundscapes are vast. The synth bass played by Cedric resonates powerfully, the Fender Rhodes is wired up to umpteen effects pedals, an acoustic piano chimes away as a laptop computer interjects with electronic sou nds and even uses real-time processing to playfully distort the drums or keys. Franck meanwhile makes use of his kit in all its aspects: melodically, rhythmically, with sticks, mallets, adding accessories onto the drums and playing hand percussion.

CH3 (2018-)
Electronic-acoustic Jazz
Trio – France

Cédric Hanriot (piano, computer, vocoder)
Elie Martin Charrière (drums)
Bertrand Beruard (bass)

“Cédric Hanriot, an assiduous creator, dares the invigorating alchemy of composite and resoloute contemporary jazz. A music of scintillating colours, illuminated by the sounds of strings and electronica, that never defy a clear, determined passion for France’s popular melodies. ” Citizen Jazz Denis Desassis, Citizen Jazz


With this project, Cédric Hanriot offers a music open to the cross-currents of jazz, pop and groove. The group playfully explores famous international themes taken from the pop of Katy Perry, the rock of Nirvana, the electronic music of Massive Attack as well as revisiting a number of popular French songs (Brel, Piaf, Delpech, Nougaro) and exploring Cedric’s original compositions in which groove and interaction are the main focus. The music is distinguished by the addition of electronic textures that interact with acoustic instruments (piano, drums and bass) bringing a cinematic dimension to the trio.

USA, France

Charles Turner (voice)
Cédric Hanriot (piano)

Charles Turner is the winner of the Duke Ellington Vocal Competition in New York City, Charles Turner has performed at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola at Jazz at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. He also released 2 albums “Dreamers” and “Single” both produced by Grammy Award winning drummer Ulysses Owens. Charles had the opportunity to perform with Grammy Award–winning drummer Terri Lyne Carrington, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Bobby Mcferrin.

Hyperion by Jason Palmer&Cédric Hanriot’s City of Poets (2014-)
Modern Jazz

“This is music with its roots in the Miles Davis Quintet of 1963-68, a combination of intellectual rigour, technical brilliance and graceful lyricisism” 

Richard Williams,  the Blue Moment

Jason Palmer (trumpet & compositions)
Donny McCaslin (saxophone)
Cédric Hanriot (piano & compositions)
Michael Janisch (bass)
Clarence Penn (drums)

The very essence of American trumpeter Jason Palmer and French pianist/composer Cédric Hanriot’s improvisational concept City Of Poets – centered around Olivier Messiaen’s 7 Modes of Limited Transportation and US author Dan Simmons’ acclaimed, four- novel science fiction series Hyperion Cantos – is sufficiently intriguing to prompt further exploration of its background and, indeed, the artistic collaboration and musical output it has inspired.

French Stories by Cédric Hanriot (2011-)
Cross-over jazz

“Cédric Hanriot, an assiduous creater, dares the invigorating alchemy of composite and resoloute contemporary jazz. A music of scintillating colours, illuminated by the sounds of strings and electronica,  that never defy a clear, determined passion for France’s popular melodies. “Citizen Jazz

Cédric Hanriot (keyboards, piano, computer)
Terri Lyne Carrington (drums, vocals on the album)
John Patitucci (bass on the album)
Ben Powell (violin on the album)
Patrick Owen (cello on the album)
2TH (voice on the album)


The jazz trio that interprets the French song book.

Recorded just after his first experience in the USA during which he studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, the first album by pianist Cédric Hanriot revisits a number of popular French songs (Brel, Piaf, Delpech, Nougaro) and rebuilt them in the jazz piano trio context whilst preserving the essence of each song. The line-up is prestigious: John Patitucci on bass and Terri Lyne Carrington on drums. They anchor the rhythmic base of a project embellished also with a string quartet, vocals on several songs and electronic sounds and fx. Cedric without hesitation, seized this opportunity to also co-write a song with the drummer Terri Lyne Carrington, with whom he  has collaborated for quite a few years. Carrington, in turn, used this occassion to also sing the composition. Their hip-hop jazz piece “Your Sweetness” is a tribute to some of Gainsbourg melodies, whilst also illustrating their love of Afro-American music. It is quickly understood, in listening, that the stories told here enthusiastically by Cedric Hanriot illustrate the musical adventure of a multifaceted artist – pianist, composer, arranger, sound designer, producer. We will surely be hearing more about him soon.

Electronic Groove Jazz


Nouvel album de FrogNstein “electrify my soul” (label cristal records-distributuin abeille) sortit le 10 mai 2007.

“A la fois instrumentistes, compositeurs et arrangeurs, Cédric Hanriot et Bertrand Béruard proposent, dans ce nouvel album, une musique actuelle proche de leurs influences autour d’un électro-groove-jazz aux multiples facettes. Ils nous font voyager aux travers d’ambiances riches et variées, sans limite tant dans le style que dans les choix instrumentaux. 22 intervenants apportent leur touche à cette créature appelée FrogNstein. On trouve parmis eux quelques invités de marque : le batteur Frank Agulhon, le chanteur américain Dean Bowman, le trompettiste Guillaum Poncelet… Mixé par Julien Birot, cet opus cinématique a de quoi “electriser” les tympans comme le corps tout entier…”, 2007


Cédric HANRIOT (piano, keyboards, programming, compositions)
Bertrand BERUARD (bass, compositions)
Franck AGULHON, Arnaud RENAVILLE (drums)
Dean BOWMAN, Coco ZHAO, 2TH (vocals)
Guillaume Poncelet, Florent Briqué  (trompette)
Hugues Mayot, Pierre Desassis (saxophone)
Bertrand Luzignant (trombone)
Yvain von Stebut, Ludovic D’Aniello (programmations)


“I have listened to his latest CD, “Electrify My Soul,” by his band frogNstein, and I think it is a beautiful blend of true jazz and electronic music. Having played for over ten years with one of the innovators of this style, Herbie Hancock, I feel that my critical ear for this is highly developed. This music hints at the many possibilities for the future of jazz and creative music in general. Cedric is contributing to this art form in a major way.”

Terri Lyne Carrington (drums with Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, 3 time Grammy Award winner)


The album Electrify my Soul is the first realization of the frogNstein project carried out by Cedric Hanriot (piano, keyboards, programming, compositions, arrangements) and Bertrand Beruard (electric bass, double bass, programming, compositions, arrangements), eager to propose a modern music close to their influences: electro-groove-jazz. The album proposes a journey through many rich and varied environments, where those two composers/arrangers did not set themselves any limits to the instrumentation but also to the music styles. 22 speakers bring their touch to this semi-biological, semi-cybernetic creature called frogNstein – we can hear on this album horns and strings, voices of three continents, two drummers as well as programming. Among them some famous guests appear: drummer Franck Agulhon (Stefano Di BATTISTA), American singer Dean Bowman (John Scofield, Screamin’ Headless Torsos,…), trumpet player Guillaume Poncelet (No Jazz), singer/poet Chinese Coco Zhao… This opus electrifies the eardrums as well as the entire body…

Performance credits:

Nancy Jazz Pulsations (F), Jazz Auvergne Festival (F), la Nuit Electro (Paris, F), la Nuit du Jazz (Luxembourg), Festival de Saint Germain (Paris, F), European Jazz Festival (Avignon, F), Transe-Atlantique (Marrocco), Macedonia.

Cédric Hanriot SOLO PIANO
Jazz, French songs, pop

Cédric Hanriot – Piano / laptop

The project :

After his adventures in trio and duo contexts (French Stories, groOovematic, Franck Agulhon..) and many collaborations with some of the biggest names in jazz, Cedric Hanriot now proposes a solo piano program playing singular and brilliant interpretations of jazz standards, French “chansons”, pop hits and original compositions.

His program enthusiastically illustrates the musical aesthetics of a multifaceted artist – pianist, composer, arranger, sound designer and producer.